CARDO - Formerly Hinge Associates

* CARDO formerly Hinge Associates

Howden Insurance

We began our journey with Howden in early 2002, with Howden having around 20 staff at the time. Several projects and years later, with moves to Bevis Marks House and further floors subsequently occupied in the same building, Howden undertook a significant move to 16 Eastcheap in late 2011, occupying 35 000 sq.ft. Since then, the group have acquired Windsor Partners and FP Marine, (a further 28 000 sq.ft), re-shuffling staff and premises to suit. They now occupy well over 60 000 sq.ft, a notable growth in our time together! As a valued and loved client, we eagerly await their next moveā€¦

Howden Boardroom 2
Howden Boardroom
Howden Detail 1
Howden Detail 2
Howden Detail 3
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Howden Dining Room 1
Howden Hub 1
Howden Hub 2
Howden Hub 3
Howden Meeting Room Corridor 2
Howden Meeting Room Corridor
Howden Meeting Room
Howden Offices
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