CARDO - Formerly Hinge Associates

* CARDO formerly Hinge Associates

David Leon & Associates

We provide a design service to David Leon. Projects completed to date have been Technology Strategy Board which involved 100 scientists and administrators moving to a dynamic, hot desk style environment, a significant departure from their far more conventional, but space ‘heavy’ previous offices. HR Wallingford was a 30 000 sq.ft move of scientists and engineers from several buildings into a single, stylish and modern new build. Again, this move represented a significant change to the style in which staff were accustomed to working, introducing many more communal functions and benefits such as Breakout Areas, Hubs, informal Meeting spaces, but with a notable change from a rather cellular workspace to a far more open plan environment.

HR Wallingford Exterior 1
HR Wallingford Exterior 2
HR Wallingford Meeting Room
HR Wallingford Hub 2
HR Wallingford Hub 1
HR Wallingford Open Plan 1
HR Wallingford Reception
TSB Sketch of Core Use
TSB Brainstorm